Monday, 29 December 2014

Upgraded Version of Digital Filter Plus Supports Q Format Fixed Point Numbers And Apple Mac OS X

The Digital Filter Plus filter design package has now been upgraded to support Q format fixed point number systems upto 64 bits long.
Digital Filter Plus is now also compiled for Apple Mac OS X.
Digital Filter Plus can be downloaded from here :
A free version for evaluation and non-commercial applications can be downloaded from here :

The Next Round Of The University Of Oxford, UK DSP Courses Take Place In January 2016

As part of the University Of Oxford Summer Engineering Program for Industry, the DSP courses are returning in January. Here is a summary of the two courses.

Digital Signal Processing (theory and application) - Monday 25th to Wednesday 27th January 2016
This course provides a good understanding of DSP principles and their implementation and equips the delegate to put the ideas into practice and/or to tackle more advanced aspects of DSP. 'Hands-on' laboratory sessions are interspersed with the lectures to illustrate the taught material and allow you to pursue your own areas of interest in DSP. The hands-on sessions use specially written software running on PCs.

Subjects include :
Theoretical Foundations
Digital Filtering
Fourier Transforms And Frequency Domain Processing
DSP Hardware And Programming
ASIC Implementation
Typical DSP Applications
The course is presented by experts from industry for Engineers in industry.

Digital Signal Processing Implementation (algorithms to optimization) - Thursday 28th January 2016
A one-day supplement to the Digital Signal Processing course that takes the theory and translates it into practice.
The course will include a mixed lecture and demonstration format and has been written to be independent of target processor architecture.
The course will show how to take common DSP algorithms and map them onto common processor architectures. It will also give a guide line for how to choose a DSP device, in particular how to choose and use the correct data word length for any application.

Attendee Feedback from previous courses :
 It was informative, enjoyable and stimulating
 Excellent content, very lively thanks to the 2 excellent presenters - Anonymous
 A very good introduction to DSP theory
 Excellent lecturers! Really useful information and very understandable
 Great mix of theory and practice
 The lecturers gave a detailed and excellent explanation of the fundamental topics of DSP with real world engineering practice.
 This session closes the gap and clears up much confusion between classroom DSP theories and actual DSP implementation.
 Very good session, with in-depth discussion on the math and background.

The courses will be held at the University of Oxford, UK