Friday, 8 March 2013

RaspBMC Hints And Tips

Having setup RaspBMC on my Pi I found that when playing music, that the display mode would go into fullscreen mode and I couldn't change the display mode using the standard TV remote control. With a little bit of playing I noticed that the Red, Green, Yellow and Blue buttons performed the following operations :
      Red : PVR

      Green : Videos
      Yellow : Music
      Blue : Pictures
I haven't got a PVR connected to the Pi so I figured I could reuse the Red button to swap in and out of fullscreen mode.

A quick web search showed that the key mappings are stored in the file :

Loading this into nano and searching for "red" (without quotation marks) showed the following lines of code :

I then changed the <red> line to :

I also wanted to change the fastforward and rewind buttons to skip forward and back in the tracklist so I made the following changes :
To :

I then saved the file and after a quick reboot everything worked as required.

I will update this post with new hints and tips as I find them.

Finally, if you have found this solution useful then please do hit the Google (+1) button so that others may be able to find it as well.

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