Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Numerix Host Library .wav file read / write functions updated

New functions have been added to the Numerix Host Library to include new .wav file read/write functions from C/C++ programs.

Here is a summary of the .WAV file header format :

    4 bytes     "RIFF"      ID for a RIFF file
    4 bytes     xxxx        Length of waveform (Bytes)
    8 bytes     "WAVEfmt "  ID for a .WAV file
    4 bytes     xxxx        Size of format section (Bytes)
    2 bytes     xx          Format - "1" indicates PCM data
    2 bytes     xx          Number of channels
    4 bytes     xxxx        Sample rate (Hz)
    4 bytes     xxxx        Data rate (Bytes per second)
    2 bytes     xx          Bytes per sample (rounded up)
    2 bytes     xx          Bits per sample
    /additional informaiton that may be used in more complex wave files/
    4 bytes     "data"      ID for data section
    4 bytes     xxxx        Length of data section (Bytes)

The .wav file functions allow reading and writing of .wav files from standard C/C++ programs and includes full source code.

The library can be downloaded from : http://numerix-dsp.com/files/.

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