Monday 24 December 2012

Android DHCP Solutions

When I first bought an Android device I was frustrated because the WiFi would work fine for a few days then stop and after a while it would work again.
After a lot of research, here is my conclusion. It may not be right but works for me :
The Android device holds on to the DHCP IP address even after the router has released it and re-assigned it to another device. When the Android tries to reconnect the router will not let the Android keep the IP address so the link is never set up correctly.
Solution :
 1/ When you have a successful connection get the IP and MAC addresses of the Android then set up the router so that that IP address is reserved for that particular device.
 2/ On the Android assign a fixed IP address that is within the same subnet but not the DHCP range as your router. E.g.
  Subnet mask :
  Subnet address space : to
  DHCP range (range set in router) : to
  Fixed IP address range (addresses set on the devices) : to

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Numerix-DSP Libraries :

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