Friday 28 December 2012

What Is The Best Way To Learn Digital Signal Processing

Although my go to book for DSP is always Digital Signal Processing by Oppenheim And Schafer, things have moved on a long way over the last 30 years in terms of books that present DSP in an easier to learn format. The book that I recommend is : Smith, Steven W., “The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing”. The complete book is available for download from : I can also thoroughly recommend : Orfanidis, Sophocles J., “Introduction to Signal Processing”, Prentice Hall, Inc. Which is also available for download from :

If you have ever wanted to learn how to write an FFT algorithm (or if you just fancy an intellectual programming challenge, one quiet evening) then I can thoroughly recommend you follow the step by step guide in Steven Smith’s book. Give it a go and see if your solution matches Steven’s, on the next page – no cheating ;-)

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