Sunday 4 January 2015

New DSP Software Updates

Prompted by the release of wxWidgets v3.x I have used the holidays as an opportunity to update and test a load of my software libraries and utilities.
They can be downloaded from here :

SigLib (v8.53) DSP Library : Includes some new functions for Q format integer support and it has been tested on Mac OS X and Raspberry Pi.

The following example programs and libraries have also been updated and these can be downloaded from :

    System Analyzer- V2.10 - A simple System Analyzer that uses wxWidgets V3.0.2 (A free portable GUI library), NGL, PortAudio (A free portable Audio I/O library) and can optionally use SigLib. This application includes the full GUI source code.

    Numerix Host Library - V3.00 - A library of host I/O routines, including full source code. Functions include console and File I/O, including .WAV files. These functions can be used on any OS (UNIX, Windows etc.) and also on any other embedded processor or DSP that supports console and file I/O via the debug environment. These functions can also be used with Gnuplot/C to run any of the SigLib example programs.

    Numerix Graphics Library - V2.60 - A simple library of graphics routines for the wxWidgets V3.0.x based GUI applications. Full source code is included.

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Numerix-DSP Libraries :

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